Chestnut Manual Coffee Grinder


Manual Grinder


The set includes: C2 Chestnut Coffee Grinder, stylish carry case, cleaning brush and manufacturer warranty card. Adjust your grind setting: Built-in fine or coarse ground grind setting ensures you have 100% precision control over the coarseness of your coffee beans. Need to be somewhere? Removable hand crank mechanism. Suitable for the traveling type, camping or just for somebody who likes that manual coffee grinding experience. Hard stainless steel burrs. Minimal heat during the grind process, ensuring your freshly roasted beans have the flavour and texture your roaster intended. What about cleaning? The crank and lid is easily removed, all parts of the manual coffee grinder are washable. Just need to get the old coffee out of the burrs or the chamber? Use the included cleaning brush to dislodge old grinds from the burrs. Gorgeous aluminium alloy design with patterned texture for optimal grip and comfort.

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