DECAF Coffee Capsules


Medium Roast, Mild, Decaffeinated


30 Pods per Bag .   100% COMPOSTABLE  and NESPRESSO Compatible.

Zero plastic or aluminium.

Freshly roasted by Two Beards Coffee

Two Beards Coffee used:  Colombia DECAFFEINATED  – medium acidity and notes of nutty caramel-like flavor

Packaged by 4WKS – We partnered with the 4WKS team to produce Nespresso machine capsules, 100% compostable.  Made from a plant-based bio-material, with a vegetable fibre lid and branded with an edible ink stamp.  All elements will break down to compost within 12 weeks when disposed of in an industrial composting facility, or within 24 weeks in a home compost heap.

Brewing Notes:

Keep the coffee fresh! Always! Recommend using  within 4 weeks after purchase!

If you are switching between coffees, always run a rinse first – just water

The “short” button on your Nespresso machine will give you approximately 30ml of coffee with one capsule

We always recommend drinking black coffee! But if it’s too much, dilute with water!

If you like the milky coffees then use 2 capsules, run both on the “short” setting as well.

Happy Brewing!









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