Icicle Brewer


Tea Brewer / Cold Brew Coffee Maker


Make Delicious Cold Brew Coffee at Home!
Iced Coffee & Iced Tea Brewer
This cold brew maker has thick borosilicate glass that can serve hot or cold drinks and provide temperature stability.

With the airtight design, it can seal in the aroma and the taste your coffee beans for more days.

We designed this coffee carafe to fit in refrigerator door and easy to store. No more struggling to find room for the brewer, as it slides right in. Get your coffee ready now!

Enjoy smooth delicious cold brew coffee at home in just a few easy steps with our cold brew coffee maker.

What You Will Get:
1 Cold Brew Coffee Maker
1 Removable Fine Mesh Filter
1 Cold Brew Coffee Maker User Manual


How To Make A Cold Brew Coffee?
Add coffee grounds to brew filter.  Pour cold water over coffee.  Brew in the refrigerator overnight (or longer if you prefer stronger coffee).  Enjoy and drink.

Add milk, creamer, syrups or flavorings to fit your taste preferences, or add ice for an extra refreshing and flavor cup of coffee!

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