Indonesia Mandheling


Good Body – Chocolate – Well Rounded – Creamy


Country: Indonesia
Region: West — Central Sumatra
Altitude: 1000 to 1650 metres
Varietal: Bergendhal, Djember, Ateng, Catimor, Java
Harvest Season: October to March
Processing: Wet process (washed)
Cup Profile: Complex coffee with a good body without heaviness.
Distinct chocolaty undertones.
Well rounded creamy aftertaste

This coffee ranks in the top tier of distinctive coffees of the world. It is famous for its characteristic flavour. It is shade grown by multiple small farmers in good volcanic soil.
A classic coffee!

Recommended Brewing Techniques:

Additional information

Weight N/A
Bag Size

250g, 500g, 1Kg

Coffee Grind

Wholebean, Espresso / Stovetop, Aeropress / Siphon, Filter / V60 / Pour over / Cold Brew, French Press / Chemex